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“Kailey is AMAZING!!! So patient and kind with my children. I cannot believe the beautiful shots
she was able to capture of my family who was mainly fooling around or crying most of the time.
Kailey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and you will be my go to for my future photos”



“Kailey took our maternity photo shoot. She was professional and efficient.
She took a lot of great natural shots. We got back all the edit photos in quick and timely manner.
I really appreciated the time she took to edit a lot of our photos more than once based on what I requested.
Thank you Kailey!”


Mike, Tracey and Andy

“Kailey made the whole experience fun. She captured us just as we are and
knew what was important to us. She’s professional and efficient. Absolutely recommend her!
Thank you Kailey!”


Sharla and Arun

“Kailey is talented and extremely creative. There’s no one else I would’ve trusted to do my engagement pics.
She captured every meaningful moment and I’d definitely come back to her for future pictures!
Thank you Kailey for doing such an incredible job with our engagement shoot this weekend!
Thanking you for keeping us warm in the cold weather and keeping our spirits up!
You’re amazingly talented and Arun and I are extremely happy to have done our photos with you.
Looking forward to many more shoots with you!”


Jamie and Brian

“Kailey is very professional. She makes you feel very comfortable around her and takes amazing pictures.
I’m very happy we went with Kailey for our engagement photos.”


Beyond the Brush – Margarita

“Kailey is an amazing photographer! I had the pleasure to work with her for a fashion photoshoot.
She’s very professional and extremely fun to work with! She definitely has the eye to capture your vision through her lens.
I look forward to working with her in the future!”


 Chrissy and Steve and Brooke

“Thank you to the very talented Kailey Forough of Kailey Birk Photography for a fun afternoon at Heber Downs in Whitby.
Kailey did a beautiful job capturing our little family, which was no easy task with a baby and a puppy to contend with!
We are so happy with the way the photos turned out! Thank you so much for so beautifully capturing these moments!
We owe it all to you that you were somehow able to make us not look as awkward as we are!
These photos will be treasured for years to come!”


Kim and Brendon

“Kailey is an amazing , Amazing, Amazing and very professional photographer.
She worked so well with this awkward duo to make the shoot feel so easy-breezy, relaxed, and super fun.
It really shows through her pictures that she has an amazing eye for the angles, captures the moment with the perfect lighting,
and the outcome of the photos were beyond what I had imagined. We knew that we would love for Kailey to shoot our engagement
because we love the type of pictures she is able to capture. She will also do anything just to get a better angle or have a better photo.
Because she travels everywhere with her camera and has had many adventures along with it as well,
we knew that she could really help us with deciding on the shoot location. We had no idea where to take engagement pictures that
would suit our personality and the style of pictures that we hoped to achieve — Kailey was great in giving us a ton of suggested locations
and was willing to travel all distances just for the perfect engagement shoot. A set of teaser photos were ready to view that day of the shoot
and more pictures became available the very next day. I was so happy and excited to receive all the pictures really soon after.
It was so natural and so much candid and happy moments were captured.
I would highly recommend Kailey Birk Photography !!! These pictures would be treasured for life!”


 Tasnim and Jumran

“Kailey was the photographer for my engagement shoot. She is reliable, personable, very creative and professional in every way.
All the pictures were amazing & so natural.”

 Sarah and Jean and Family

“Thank you yet again Kailey for capturing beautiful images of the most important people in my life! Enjoying these photos soo much.”

Whitney -10

 Whitney and Matt and Avalyn

“Pics turned out wonderful!! Kailey is amazing and she made the photo shoot fun for us all! Avalyn also absolutely loved her!! Thanks Kailey!!”

Becka-6- C


“Such a talented woman! I was lucky enough to work with her to build my portfolio as a makeup artist.
Not only is she a wonderful human being, she is kind, smart, charismatic and so easy to work with.
An amazing friend and an amazing photographer!”



“I had an absolutely fabulous time working with Kailey! She is such a professional and has an incredible eye for capturing the beauty in everything.
We were hoping for golden hour photos, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t co-operating with us that day – yet the photos speak for themselves,
they are absolutely beautiful! As a photographer, myself, it can be difficult to remember what it’s like for clients
in front of the camera, which is why I took the opportunity to work with Kailey, and she made me feel completely at ease.
I highly recommend Kailey to anyone – her photography skills speak for themselves
in the stunning photos she consistently produces for her clients”


 Maryanne and Jeremy

“My husband and I are so happy to have had Kailey do our engagement photo shoot.
Kailey was incredibly professional: she made signs for us, had locations set out for us based on what we wanted,
she had photograph ideas that we could stage, and she allowed us to be natural with one another.
At points, we honestly forgot Kailey was there because she made us so comfortable. She offered great ideas and
alternatives to photos and had a great vision. We were so thrilled with the outcome of our photos;
they were everything we wanted and more! Kailey’s professionalism and editing exceeded our expectations
and we absolutely recommend her and will be using her services again in the future!!!!!!”


“Talented and artistic! Love your work!”


“Absolutely fabulously creative and has the viewer wanting to look again and again”