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What should we wear?

In the end, what to wear is completely up to you! I always tell my clients to think about the location and surrounding. Are you taking winter photos? Maybe choose a colour that will pop like red. Do you want soft romantic pictures? Maybe choose pastel colours. For maternity photos you want to wear something that will accentuate your stomach. Think tight fitting or something that hugs your stomach nicely. Layers tend to look bulky so I always suggest minimizing them. If it’s winter time, often clients will put their coat on between shots to avoid the bundled look. Try to avoid patterns and matching outfits; stick to solids and colours that work well together. A good starting point for families is to pick one outfit that you love (can be on anyone,  but mom is usually the best to start with) and build around that.

Where should we take our photos?

Location is a question I get asked a lot. Luckily I have taken photos all over and travel a lot so I have a huge list of places to recommend. Try to think what kind of photos you’d like to have. Do you want nature, home/lifestyle, coffee shop, urban, or beach photos? Do you have a location that means a lot to you? Maybe where you first met or where you got engaged. If you can’t decide on a location, I will help suggest places that I know make for wonderful photos. In the end, the choice is up to you and I will gladly come wherever you’d like! One thing I often tell clients is you hardly notice the location in the photos since the focus is on you, so try not to stress too much over it!

What time is best to take our photos?

I generally plan my sessions around the golden hour (sunrise and sunset time) as this gives the most gorgeous, soft, flattering light. I can’t promise the weather will cooperate but I do my best to ensure you get the best light we can get.  That time tends to change between seasons but generally falls around this:

Summer (June – August) sunrise 7:30am – 8:30am | sunset 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Early Fall (September) sunrise 7:30am – 8:30am | sunset 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Late Fall (October – November) sunrise 8:00am – 10am | sunset 4:00 – 6:00pm
Winter (November – March) sunset 2:30pm – 4:00pm

What can we expect at a maternity session?

I usually aim to get these photos done around 7-8 months. During this time your belly is very prominent but not OVERLY big (which it will be by 9 months). The session can be either just the mom or include dad and even children or babies. Let me know when we discuss your session what you’d like to see. We will pick a date and location (and a rain date) and a deposit will required to hold that date. Maternity photos require a little more posing and positioning in order to put focus onto the belly. I will make sure you are comfortable and only do what you feel comfortable with. For maternity sessions, a dress or anything that shows off your belly is the best option for clothing. The remainder of the payment is due on this date and you will receive your photos about 2-3 weeks after the session.

What can we expect at a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are a lot different than regular sessions. Ideally you want to book these sessions for when baby is 5-10 days old. At this point the baby is still very sleepy and easily curled up, making for the cute poses you see. After this they become less flexible and not as easy to pose. Depending where the photos are being taken (your house, my place or outside somewhere), I strive to make the environment a warm and relaxing place to help keep baby calm. Newborn sessions typically run 2-3 hours, this allows for nursing and comforting of the baby. You will have use of some  props and outfits but I also always tell clients to bring anything that is special to them and the baby. I suggest you nurse before you arrive so that the newborn is content and sleepy. Don’t worry though if you need to nurse again during the session (or change and tend to the baby). Newborn photos will take a little longer for you to receive due to the nature of compositing shots and clearing up any baby acne, dandruff or skin rashes. Expect 3-4 weeks for your photos.  Full payment is due on this day.

What can we expect at a family session?

Family sessions are one of my favourites. First we will decide on a location and date (along with a possible rain date). A deposit is required to hold your date (same as with all my sessions). Typically I aim to take my photos just before sunset so that we get the golden light, and you can all look your very best! I will touch base again closer to the date in order to insure weather is cooperating. On the day of your shoot I usually arrive 15 minutes early just to scout out the location. Once you arrive we will start taking photos! These sessions usually last about an hour (unless you’ve requested longer). Let me know if there are any combinations or photos you have in mind. I usually tell my clients to just be natural and do your thing; interact with each other and I’ll pose you accordingly as well if needed. I always aim for natural photos and real laughter so don’t mind if I try to get you laughing! The remainder of the payment is due on this date and about two weeks later you will receive your photos.

What can we expect at an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are very similar to family sessions (except it’s just the two of you!) A deposit is required to hold your date and we will pick both a date and location as well as a rain date. Again these photos will be taken around sunrise or sunset to get that romantic glow. The most important thing about these photos is to get you comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. The photos are about you two and your love. I always tell my clients to snuggle up and just show your love. Be playful together and interact with each other, almost as if I’m not there. I will do a few posed shots but mostly I like to photograph the natural love between you two when you forget the camera is there. The remainder of the payment is due in full on this day and you will receive your images about two weeks later.

Do you do weddings?

Because of how much editing and time I put into each and every photograph, I limit the weddings I do. If you really like my style and want me to photograph your wedding please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will do weddings, just a select few so make sure to contact me early.

Why don’t you list your prices?

Each session is so different that I tend to cater packages towards your needs and budget. I work with my clients to find a price that works for them. If you’re looking to do multiple sessions (i.e. maternity and newborn) I do have discounted rates for those. I do have a standard base price list I just don’t put it on my website. If you’d like to see it, feel free to contact me.

Do you have a studio?

At the present time, having 2 small kids at home, I don’t currently do indoor studio photography. I prefer to use natural light and outdoor settings and stray away from indoor sessions. That being said, I know that weather doesn’t always corporate and some sessions can’t be done outside. For head shots and newborn photos I use the natural light in my home and my sync drops for background.  If you’d prefer an indoor shoot, let me know when contacting me and we can set something up.

How long until we get our photos?

Typically I aim to provide clients with their photos by 2-3 weeks (depending on the session. Obviously weddings and large events take longer). Once your photos are ready you will receive a link to view them. You can then select your favourites (the amount is based on your package purchased) and I will make them available for download. Additional images can be purchased if you’d like as well for a small fee.

Will you remove my pimples?

Absolutely! I have a very extensive background in Photoshop and graphics so that is no problem. I believe in making you look your very best. A bad photo reflects on my skills as a photographer so I take the time to make each and every photo the best it can be.  If there is something additional you’d like (a little nip tuck, wrinkle removal, bags under your eyes etc.) please let me know, however a small fee may be applied depending on the severity of the work.

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely! I love animals and love to add them into shoots. I believe they are apart of our families and should be included!

Do you travel?

Yes I do! And love to! I travel for free within 50km of my location. After that there is a small transportation fee associated with the price but definitely will travel wherever you’d like me to go!