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Semira and Madison, Mommy and Me – Toogood Pond, Unionville


I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this beautiful Mama and her baby. I’m lucky enough to call this pretty lady one of my good friends and was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with them capturing a few memories around Toogood Pond in Unionville. Enjoy!

SamMaddie1 SamMaddie2 SamMaddie3 SamMaddie4 SamMaddie5 SamMaddie6 SamMaddie7SamMaddie8 SamMaddie9 SamMaddie10 SamMaddie11 SamMaddie12 SamMaddie13 SamMaddie14 SamMaddie15 SamMaddie16 SamMaddie17SamMaddie18 SamMaddie19 SamMaddie20 SamMaddie21 SamMaddie22 SamMaddie23 SamMaddie24 SamMaddie25