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Yosemite National Park


This was actually our first stop on our western USA trip. We had been wanting to visit Yosemite for so long and can’t believe we finally did it! Wow this has got to be one of my favourite places on

Bryce Canyon

When you walk up to Bryce Canyon, there’s a sudden silence that falls across it. Probably because everyone is in such awe. This canyon was an accidental last minute stop for us, and boy were we ever glad we stopped!

Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon


I think it’s virtually impossible to take a bad photo in these canyons. They are one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Antelope Canyon is a set of slot canyons that were formed through erosion. There are two different

Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon is just as grand as you’d think. So grand, in fact, that it’s hard to really grasp it’s size just looking at it. We got to the canyon just before sunset and decided to hike a little

Zion National Park


This place is breathtaking. The summer of 2013 we took a trip to California, then a roadtrip from Arizona through to Vegas. We were only passing through Zion for a day, but we filled it with as much as we

Killbear Provincial Park

wind blown stars not sharp
We spent the July 1st long weekend of 2012 at Killbear Provincial Park. Boy did we luck out on good weather. This park is absolutely stunning! The sunsets are breath taking and the canoeing is so peaceful! This park is