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Category: Family

Birk Winter Fun – Minden


Every year my sister’s and our significant others try to spend as much time as we can up at the cottage. This Christmas we were fortunate enough to spend an entire week up there! The winter time has become so 

Birk Family Portrait

_family portrait

Thought I’d take a moment and share a few more personal photos! Over the Christmas holidays I set up a family portrait for our large and ever growing family. With a couple of lights and an automatic timer, who says

Cottage Family


We share our cottage with some pretty incredible neighbors whom we’ve grown up with all our lives. Now everyone’s starting to have kids and it’s become a whole new adventure up there! Here’s just a few photos from the past

The Carters

Probably one of my favourite little families of all times! (Okay, I’m only slightly biased since she’s my sister). While taking a fall walk at the cottage, I took some time to grab a few shots of their little happy