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Boldt Castle and Thousand Island Cruise, Kingston Ontario

clock tower 2

Updating the blog today with some VERY old pictures. These were from back when I first got my camera years ago. One of our first dates was to Kingston to go on the thousand island boat tour. Masih knew I’d always wanted to visit a real castle and so he found just the place to take me. Boldt castle is one of the stops on the thousand island boat tour and is actually part of New York. The castle was made by a husband to his wife, however once she died he never finished it. It is absolutely stunning and one day I’d love to go back and better photograph it! We also made a quick stop at the Kingston Penitentiary. Enjoy the photos, and don’t judge, they’re very old!

Bolt-13 Bolt-10 Bolt-8 Bolt-7 Bolt-6 Bolt-9

Bolt-5 Bolt-4 Bolt-2 Bolt-3 Bolt-1 Bolt-12 Bolt-11