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Arun and Sharla Engagement – Websters Falls, Hamilton


It makes my job so easy having such beautiful people in front of my lens! So happy to be able to take these two lovebirds’ engagement photos. They are just the cutest and so insanely in love! It was a chilly day in Hamilton but they were troopers and we got some great shots! Plus the cold just means they had to get cozier! They even ventured down with us to the waterfall (in heels and a dress mind you!) How beautiful were the colours for us this day? Gosh I just love fall engagement sessions!!

ArunSharla1 ArunSharla6 ArunSharla5 ArunSharla4 ArunSharla3 ArunSharla2ArunSharla7 ArunSharla13 ArunSharla12 ArunSharla11 ArunSharla10 ArunSharla9 ArunSharla8ArunSharla14 ArunSharla20 ArunSharla19 ArunSharla18 ArunSharla17 ArunSharla16 ArunSharla15ArunSharla21 ArunSharla27 ArunSharla26 ArunSharla25 ArunSharla24 ArunSharla23 ArunSharla22ArunSharla28 ArunSharla34 ArunSharla33 ArunSharla32 ArunSharla31 ArunSharla30 ArunSharla29ArunSharla36ArunSharla35 ArunSharla41 ArunSharla40 ArunSharla39 ArunSharla37 ArunSharla38

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